Friday, November 18, 2011

Handmade Christmas Part 1

One of the blogs that I just started to read is encouraging readers to take the commercialism out of Christmas by making, thrifting or buying homemade presents this year (craft fairs, etsy, etc). She even has a pledge. I love, love, love the idea of giving "gifts that are unique, meaningful and full of love" rather than something bought just to cross the name off the list.

When I suggested to my husband that we take the pledge, he actually said, "But I like new things." Hmmm. And if I let myself admit it, I do too. So I've decided to have a mostly, okay, somewhat homemade Christmas. I'll make presents for people that actually appreciate them, like my mom and my sister, and buy presents for those that like new. Like my husband.

So, my first homemade gift this year is for my sister. She recently decided to go back to school to become a nurse (a life-long dream and I am so proud of her). She had to move away from the house she owns and live in a little rental apartment. She told me it needed a little brightening up. So I dug into my scrap bins and I'm giving her some bright!

First is a patchwork bath mat. I used 3" squares and an old towel for the backing. Easy peasy.

Then I made some hand-towels to match.

Finally, because the kitchen needed some love too, I made a couple of patchwork dish towels.

Little sister done. Now I just have to wrap, pack and mail before Christmas. Isn't that the hard part?

What about you? Are you having a homemade Christmas?


Alisa said...

Trying to make one handmade item for each of my children (5) and something for my mom and m-i-l. And that's about as far as I go. I think a balance is good.

myredbike said...

How lovely! I love the idea of a patchwork bath mat, what a cheery way to start your day.

I'm hoping to make a few handmade gifts this Christmas, but time always gets away from me. So far, I have one custom journal cover. That's it!

Poppyprint said...

I'm totally handmaking this Christmas! I have thousands of dollars of fabric that needs using, so why buy other stuff? I'm making pillows for all nieces and nephews, scarves and house tape measures for sisters/SILs/mom, drawstring bags for friends and maybe a guitar strap or two using Amber's latest tute. There are so many great (free) ideas online. My son is getting a new quilt (done already, yippee!), daughter a BasicGrey sampler for her room (done!). I'm so inspired to create for others this year - have fun with your sewing, too! I love the package you made for your sister.

Nanette Merrill said...

Love your items. I'm always thinking handmade. Thinking more than doing unfortunately.

sew sew n sew said...

o...bathmat is a great idea.i wanted to make one.

*katie said...

So very cute! What a fun way to brighten up your bathroom!

Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts said...

Really cute!

MarathonJourney said...

Question, how did you do this? I would love to make this. Like your sister, I moved to go to school full time leaving everything and money is not free flowing!