Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spicing Up the Kitchen Swap

I just participated in a fabulous new swap over on flickr called Spicing Up the Kitchen. The swap is organized by Erin and Darci and there is an amazing pool of quilters participating. My partner received her goodies yesterday, so I can finally spill the beans about my projects.

Placemats, hotpads and magnets.

I was lucky to get Darci as my secret partner. It was a bit intimidating to have one of the Swap Mamas to sew for, but Darci is so sweet (we've swapped fabric a few times before this) I was more than happy to make something for her new kitchen.

The only problem was that Darci had pretty specific requests: I-Spy placemats for her two daughters and green. I was pretty sure that if I posted any of my progress photos to the flickr pool she'd know immediately that they were for her. Instead, Erin and I decided to lead her along for a bit. I posted a photo of bright rainbow colours and kitchen prints. Darci specifically said, No kitchen prints.

Okay, time to fess up...I'm not sewing with these fabrics anytime soon. But they are pretty, aren't they?

In truth, I pulled out some favourite fabrics and kept the design simple. I didn't want the images to be lost in a complicated design. And because I'm pregnant. My brain is mush.

I finally cut into my FFA2. Isn't sleeping beauty sweet?

Darci plans to decorate her kitchen with green, so I made her and her hubby each a green placemat to coordinate with the girls. It might be a bit of green overload (I'm wishing I used aqua for the binding) but I figure Mother Nature likes green overload too and she's a pretty good designer.

It turns out I have a pretty good green stash of fabrics - here are 35 different charms.

To complete the package, I made a couple of pot holders and some fridge magnets.
I added some aqua to isn't easy being all green!

I love the fridge magnets - very easy to make and a great way to use some favourite fabrics.

These were so fun, quick and easy to make. I need some now for my kitchen!

I'm so happy that Darci received the placemats yesterday...I was beginning to look like a complete swap flake because I hadn't posted any sewing to the flickr pool. I was worried I was actually going to have to make something out of the fabrics I posted.

Set of four placemats for Darci.

Thanks Erin and Darci for a fun swap. I can't wait for round 2. And of course, to receive my goodies.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Blue and Brown Whirlygig

I'm thrilled to show you another completed UFO! This one was started 2 years ago for a friend's wedding present. 

  Obviously, I am not opposed to sending late gifts. My mother causally suggested that I might consider sending some nice pottery the next time I get invited to a wedding. My husband agrees - he strongly encourages me to make small projects because they actually get finished.

This one is a good twin size. I forget the actual dimensions, but honest, it fits a twin bed perfectly.

Okay, back to the quilt. My other friend and I decided the we would each make half of the blocks in a variety of blues and browns. (I blatantly stole that idea from Amanda Jean...this quilt of hers was the inspiration. Here are the template measurements). All of my friend's blues and browns coordinate perfectly, while mine were much more scrappy. Together I think it is a great mix.

Ahhh...I love to see those KJR fabrics in an actual quilt instead of just on my shelf.

Since we don't live in the same town (or at that time, even the same province), she mailed me her blocks and the backing, and I sewed all of the lovelies together. I quilted it with a simple stipple. Say that three times, Simple Stipple, Simple Stipple, Simple Stipple!

The back...I'm loving a pieced back these days. We decided on a tropical print since they got married in Hawaii.
There was a point in the last two years that this quilt sat in my pile of UFOs that I really hated it. But now that it is finished, I'm really happy with the final product. My husband suggested that we keep it. While I was pretty tempted, I didn't...I dropped it off on my trip to Vancouver earlier in the month.

It feels great to check another one off the list!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Catching Up....

We're having computer/camera/Internet issues here at the Quilting Barbie house. Each works independently but they are not play nicely together. Finally today I figured out how to get some photos onto the laptop (which still has Internet access), so I thought I should give a quick update on what I've been up to.

I'm working away on my quiltie for the Doll Quilt Swap. My partner is pretty darn quiet, but since I signed up for the quiet group, I guess that is to be expected. While not the most creative choice, I figured I couldn't go wrong with a Dresden plate. Everyone likes Dresdens, right? I used the tutorial from Elizabeth at Oh Fransson.

My initial idea for the centre was some yummy HR Owl and the Pussy Cat, but in practice it turned out terrible. The linen blend was just too thick to get a nice curve. So I'm back to the drawing board...any suggestions?
Dresden Plate for DQS10. Any great ideas for the centre?

I'm also sewing away like a mad woman on my Spicing Up the Kitchen Swap package. I broke out my gorgeous Amy Butler thread last night for some quilting. Hmmmm....I wonder what colour(s) I used???? More photos to come, I promise.

Gorgeous AB thread for my SUTK Swap project.

And finally, I had a great time in the big city of Vancouver...and I made a few fabric purchases I'll share those soon too.