Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Sewing and a Rambling Rant

Tinkerbell almost defeated me, but with a little help from a friend, I've almost got her concured. The organza-on-the-bias hem was just about too much, so fortunately I got some help. I guess there is a reason that this blog is called "Quilting Barbie" and not "Sewing Barbie."

Tinkerbell Costume  - almost done!

And of course, this little costume would have been one-heck-of-a-bunch cheaper at Costco. But at least I can say it is Mama Made.

Now on to the spider....

And, if you're saying to yourself, "yes, if this blog is called Quilting Barbie, why the hell doesn't she quilt anymore?" you'd be asking the same question I've been asking for the last month. The truth is that we have our house on the market again. Hubby got a great job transfer to a town about an hour and a half south of here. He loves his job, I hate having to get the house ready for showings. Most of my sewing stuff is in the crawlspace, and the rest in jammed into a wardrobe in the sewing room. The lights are put away because they don't look pretty. The real estate agent says, "less is more." He clearly doesn't understand my fabric addiction.

I'm dreaming of quilting projects....Sometimes when I can't sleep I think about what I'm going to make next. Nevermind all the UFO's jammed into the damn crawlspace. Oops, I just said that okay? Sometimes I talk like the logger truck driver's daughter that I am. My mother would be disgusted. She is not a logging truck driver's daughter. But she married one....

I promise I will quilt again. And have photos to show. And I might even join a swap agian too (especially if the nice folks at the Pretty Little Pouch Swap would let me join their group...but I'm still waiting...)

If you are still reading this rant, thank you. I appreciate it. Are you sewig Halloween costumes?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In the mood for fabric swapping....

I've really cut down on my online fabric was getting, well, ridiculous. After reading the fabulous book, Organized Simplicity, I've realized that I'm doing myself, or my family any good buying fabric just for the sake of buying it. I need to get my fabric purchasing compulsion under control.

But that doesn't mean I don't still want more/new fabric.

Joel Dewberry #JD-20 Woodgrain - up to 2 metres to swap

Since there haven't been any fun parcels arriving at my house, I think I need to swap some fabric again. Swapping fabric is just too much fun. I get the thrill of new fabric, without the guilt of buying it.

KJR  for Swap

Here are a couple of fabrics I've put into the swapping groups on flickr. But I'm adding more. Soon.

Sheri Berry - 1 metre for swap

So do you feel like swapping too?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My assistant...

The Halloween costume production line is in full swing at my house.

Little Miss S supervises my cutting.

Thankfully, this year I have an assistant. Unfortunately, this assistant drools. All. The. Time. But we'll forgive her, right? She's still working on those first teeth. And she's oh, so cute!

Happy Thursday! Safe travels to all of you heading to the Sewing Summit. Wish I could join you. Take lots of photos, kay?