Sunday, January 12, 2014

Finish Along 2014

I've been inspired by Felicity to join the FAL 2014 so I can actually finish something. I tried to join A Lovely Year of Finishes last year, but it was a dismal failure. I missed the linky every single time by a day or so, and then I finally gave up. I'm hoping that because the FAL 2014 is only every quarter, I should be able to actually post about my plans and finishes. Please, cross your fingers for me.

I'm going easy on myself this quarter. We will most likely be putting the house on the market in the next month or so, so I will have to pack up most of my sewing room so it looks pretty. That makes sewing pretty tough. I am not neat or organized.

Overall, my goal this year is to work on actual quilts. I've been distracted in the past couple of years on sewing small projects, kids clothes, and swap projects. This year I'd like to finish some quilts. I'm going to force myself to finish one WIP, and then let myself start something new. And I might even abandon some projects this year too.


1. Constellations Quilt

I'm quilting this one right now. All of the blue is quilted already with simple lines on each side of every seam. Now I'm working on the background, with just a simple loops and stars free motion. I want to send this one off asap, so it is at the top of the list.

2. Heather Ross Swoon

This one is easy! I'm sending it off to Chelsea on Monday to be quilted, and when it comes back, I'll just have to bind it. I'm thinking dark brown HR wildflowers.

3. Yellow/Aqua/Grey Flying Geese

Okay, I've never shared this one, but I made the quilt top at a quilt retreat when I was pregnant with Little Miss S. She's now almost 3. It is basted and ready to be quilted.

4. Sparkle Punch

Hmm. This photo is from February 2012. That is almost 2 years ago!

5. Red/Aqua Pillow?

Not too sure about this one. I started it as a mini, but I think it will turn into a pillow top. Should it be a Christmas pillow with a green binding? Or just stay with the red/grey/aqua?

Okay, I think that is a reasonable list of goals. What are you working on this quarter? Are you joining any linky parties? How do you keep your WIPs under control?

I Swoon for Heather Ross

Happy New Year everyone!

Although I am trying to cut down on swaps and bees, I joined the Munki in the Middle Bee last fall. I love this bee because I get to use all of my favourite (and much hoarded Heather Ross fabrics) and it includes a great bunch of women. We've been making + plus x blocks, and lots of stars, all with beautiful Heather Ross centres.

Once I had all of my lovelies pulled out, I couldn't resist making something for myself too. I was inspired by the Swoon wall hanging that is hanging in the background of Camille's Craftsy class. One lone Swoon block surrounded by a big white border. But I wanted to use as many of my HR fabrics as possible, so I went with more of a scrappy colour scheme.

I forced the pattern a bit. I know that most of my blues/aquas are actually white/low volume, but I wanted the sushi, fish in bags and giant octopus in there, so I made it work. I moved a couple of blocks around.

And then added a big 6" white border.

I was going to simply quilt this with cross-hatch pattern, and then I had a much better idea. I'm sending this quilt off to Chelsea on Monday to be custom long-arm quilted. Chelsea already sent me some ideas for the quilting, think swirls and pebbles, and I am so excited. Originally I thought I would hang it in the girls' room, but now I think it is calling to be in my sewing room. Is it crazy for a grown woman to love Heather Ross so much?

And finally, thank you so much for all of your kind words of support on my last post about moving. We found out last week that we are moving back to Prince George. And I'm very happy. We know people there. They have all the activities and schooling options that I want. We are hoping that the kids and I can stay here until the school year is over, but we'll see how things go. You know how it goes, "the best-laid schemes o' mice an 'men gang aft agley." 

Sorry about the Robbie Burns reference. My Highland Dancing group is madly preparing for our Robbie Burns Night!