Monday, August 19, 2013

Simple & Sweet Scrappy Swap

I know it might come as a bit of a surprise, but I joined another swap on flickr earlier this summer. This one is the Simple & Sweet Scrappy Swap. And now, with the deadline looming, I finally sat down to cut up 50 charms and make a simple pouch.

HR Pouch Close Up

My partner said she likes Heather Ross, so I dug into my scrap bin, and made two simple nine-patches for the pouch.

HR Pouch Side 2
Heather Ross Scrap Pouch

Although linen, a neutral solid, or even low volume would have been the expected choice for the border of the nine-patches, I decided that I didn't want to do the expected. I have tons of Brown Posies in my scrap bins (it was the backing of my Maple Leaf Rag - which, by the way, I really need to finish hand-sewing the binding so I can show it off), and I thought the colours helped to unite some of the colours of the HR scraps.

HR Pouch Side 1

It does strike a bit of the 1970's, with all the orange, brown and teal, but I'm okay with that. I was born in the 1970's after all, so it can't be all that bad.

Hello 1970s!
Heather Ross Zippered Pouch

I'm not going to show all of the charms just yet, I want my partner to get them first. But I promise I'll show them then. They are worth waiting for!

Sweet & Simple Swap
Simple & Sweet Scrappy Swap Package for my partner!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Modern Scrappy Bits Swap

It's no secret that I love swaps. I especially love simple and quick swaps. One of my favourite is Leona's Modern Scrappy Bits Swap. A quick project made with scraps, a fat quarters worth of scraps, a sewing notion and a postcard. Easy peasy.

I've participated in all four rounds that she's hosted. And this time, we were asked to make mug rugs. To be honest, I really don't care for mug rugs. I think it is kind of silly to have a rug just for a mug. My kids would swipe it in an instant for a doll quilt, Lego tent or train shed. So I just hang them on my wall.

I found a fun (and free) pattern on Craftsy for a mini-Dresden. The pattern includes photo instructions and a template for the wedges. The pattern calls for 19 wedges, but for some reason I could only fit 18. I'll try it again and see how many fit.

Mini Dresden
Rainbow Mini Dresden

The downside of the pattern is that it does not include a circle template. I found glass to trace, and used Oh Fransson's tutorial to make the centre.

Is the bike too much? Should I go for plain black and white dots?

And because I hate hand sewing, I sewed it down by machine. I think it would have looked nicer hand-stitched, (and hand quilted) so next time I'm going to give it a try.

Rainbow Dresden
Rainbow Mini Dresden Mug Rug

My partner asked for scraps in gray, green and blue, so this is what I pulled out of the bins.

Scraps for my partner
Blue, Green and Gray Scraps

And the package is now on it's way. Leona's already talking about Round 5 of the swap, with a Quilt As You Go theme. If you are interested, I definitely recommend joining.

What about you? Are you a swapper?