Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baby Wipes

Bad news: my sewing machine is broken! frustrating. Okay, deep breath, I think I'll be okay.

Good news: I finally pulled out my Grandma's old serger (thank you Grandma, I love it!) and made myself some cloth baby wipes. I've been meaning to make them forever, (okay for the last 2 years), but I've never gotten around to it because I've had much more fun, much more glamorous things to sew. But now that I'm in serger only mode, I got them done.

I cut up some old flannel receiving blankets 8" square and some left-over micro fleece from my diapers and just serged them together. It was so much fun! I didn't even pin or worry about straight lines (they're for wiping baby poo after all) and it was so freeing and so fun.

Now I just have to use them...