Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I really don't need another project...

I have to admit that I'm not always completely honest about the number of projects I have on the go at one time. Sure I have a small list on my sidebar, but the truth is that I have way more in the works that I have blogged about once or not at all. It seems that in the past year I've become extremely good at starting projects and terrible at finishing them. I think it is all the gorgeous inspiration out there. I'm hoping that I'll get to the point where I can disclose all of those projects, but today, instead, I'm just going to share a new start!

I've been in love with Joelle Hoverson's colourwheel quilt forever. And then of course my idol, Melanie, made a gorgeous hand quilted one, and I knew it was time to make one for myself. So I got the book out of the library, and made myself a template of the wedge and pretty much left it there. 

Until, I met a new bloggy friend, Holly. She blogged about her start and I commented that I was working on one too (or at least I had the intention of making one anyway). Then she suggested a fabric swap. What a wonderful I got right to cutting. 

I got 22 wedges cut the other night. I seem to have lots of pinks and oranges, but I'm lacking in the blues and purples. I can't wait to swap with Holly so that I can round out my colour wheel.

And I'm determined to finish this one. This summer. So I can hang it in my new house! And so that it won't join the growing mass of UFO's in my sewing room.

How about you? Have you made a colour wheel quilt? Do you start one project and finish it? Or are you like me and have quilting ADD?


Dolly said...

This will look really good when you get all the fabrics that you have in mind. Stick with it and LOVE IT !

I seem to finish current projects (ones that I'm starting these days) pretty well, but I have several OLDER ones that I just really don't WANT to go back to. I mean, really nice quilts that I just don't even like anymore !
Times change, fabrics change, styles that we like change..............I'm finding that it's not really a good idea to put something aside for long......unless you need things to pass down to the granddaughter ! Hope she likes 80's fabrics !

Holly said...

I can't feel guilty for causing you to increase your stack of UFOs when I see how lovely your colour wheel is looking already! I'm looking forward to swapping with you!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Your color wheel project is looking really good.

I don't see anything wrong with having a stack of UFO's (undisclosed of not). To me, the purpose is to have fun. A finish now and then is nice too!

Nanette Merrill said...

I've always wanted to make a color wheel too. Someday. Yours is going to be ggreat.

Rebecca said...

I am just about finished with my color wheel- I only have to hand sew the back of the binding on. I really like how yours is starting out! I wanted to make one, but was intimidated and ended up buying the kit from Purl Soho- I wish that I had put my own together! Yours is looking great!

As for finishing- I was doing that too- starting a lot of things and not finishing much. So I gave myself a deadline- and I wasn't allowed to buy more fabric or start anything new until I finished my list of projects. So now, here I am, coming up on my deadline (the birth of my 2nd baby- due next Friday) and I have finished so many things! And now I am starting to plan more projects and it really feels good to have all the other things done! I started breaking my projects down into specific tasks so I could still feel like I was completeing things on a daily basis. For example- instead of having- make color wheel quilt on my list- it would be cut color fabrics for wheel, cut background fabrics, assemble 1st quadrant, etc. It really helped with my motivation. I use an iPhone app to track my tasks. :)

Sorry for the long ramble...this is just a topic that I have been dealing with very much this summer- and have gotten to be somewhat passionate about!!

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