Monday, December 5, 2011

My Stocking and a WIP

I had a couple of questions from my last post about my own stocking since it wasn`t hanging from the mantle. I`ve had the same stocking since I was a baby, and it`s looking a little bit rough. But I`m sentimental. So I`m keeping it.

Yup, I really was called Barbie as a kid.

And here is another homemade Christmas present in the works. My daughter asked for a Oliver + S messenger bag. Then she found my stash of Amy Butler Love FQs. I`m having so much fun on this one,  and since I only had FQs, it will be a scrappy bag. I`m just waiting to pick up some strap hardware before I can go any further.

What are you working on


Jilly said...

I just finished a doll quilt for my daughter. I'm not sure what else I'm making - we'll see how time goes. Was the messenger bag time consuming? I want to make 4 (for my boys and their cousins) but it didn't look like too whip-up-able of a project.

felicity said...

I still have my stocking from my childhood, too. We got it at Simpsons (remember them?) and the store personalized them for free with green glitter paint. Parents didn't realize til they got home that the personalizer forgot to cross the T in my name so that was done with a green felt marker.

Poppyprint said...

Oh, I am laughing at Felicity's story. I lived in Pointe Claire and we totally shopped at Simpsons at the Fairview Mall when I was a kid with my Nanny. That was 'her' store! I can see why you have kept your stocking. There's nothing that can compare with sentiment like that - so sweet. I abandoned my green glitter stocking when I had my own children and made matching stockings for my husband, myself and the two kids. I took advantage of the new set and made them really BIG!

Holly said...

What a sweet stocking! Thanks for sharing! I just pulled out my old stocking from childhood. The red felt is a bit moth-eaten, but it still makes me smile.