Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday 3

It's been pretty slow this week. But here's what I've been working on.

On the Go...

I've made good progress on my "Little Man" quilt. I love that this quilt is completely out of my stash. Everything. Batting, binding, sashing, backing, fat quarters. Unfortunately, it didn't even make a dent...

Quilting Done

I finished the straight line quilting this morning and got the binding made and sewn it on the front.


Now I just have to hand-sew the back of the binding. Perfect excuse for some mindless TV. Hubby and I have been watching "Once upon a Time." What are you watching these days?

Just Started...

I did start one new project this week. But it is a surprise. I cut into my purple Sleeping Beauty for this one. I love this fabric and it has been in my stash for way too long. Hi. My name is Barb. And I'm a fabric hoarder. But I have to admit, it feels pretty good to see it in a project. Really good.

A new project

On hold...
  • Maple Leaf Rag. This is really all I want to work on, but between baby quilts and cleaning up the house for showings, this has been put aside. I hope to pull it out again this weekend.
  • Interlocking Stars. Still waiting on some Kona White. It should arrive any day. Thankfully the baby is still happy in utero.
  • Wonky Star Charity Quilt
  • Wonky 1/4 Square {Bee Inspired} Quilt
  • Colour Wheel Quilt
Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. It is beautiful and sunny here in Northern B.C. I'm off for a walk with my kiddos.


Brenda said...

Hi Barb. I'm Brenda, and I'm a fabric hoarder, at least of my special Kaffe fabrics. Lately I've been cutting into them for placemats and tea cozies so I can look at them everyday. After all, what's the point of having special fabrics if i just give them away in a quilt?

Darci said...

We all hoard. This year though I am using up all of my favs. Atleast I have started to :)

Debbie said...

We have been watching "Flashpoint" on netflix lately.

its a cop drama from Toronto. It has been nice to see my "old country" lol.

I went to school in TO and have spent a fair amount of time there

Marianne Penner said...

Barb, I love your little man quilt, it turned out great! You should be so proud you stuck to your stash, not always easy to do!

Latane Barton said...

Everything is looking great. Isn't it grand, having a quilt nearly finished? Yippee.