Friday, April 17, 2009

DQS6 Update

Just a quick update on my Doll Quilt:I had a great time machine quilting swirls on my butterfly quilt. It is my first attempt at swirls and I am really happy with the way it turned out. As I read recently, it is imperfectly perfect! I am starting to love free-motion quilting. At first, I was so frustrated by the variation in my stitch length. But it is true - it does get easier with practice. I am also starting to see that with a high density of quilting it is impossible to see every stitch so mistakes get 'swallowed' up by the quilt. Gotta love that.
Now I just have to decide how to quilt the butterflies...any ideas?
Sorry these pictures are so dark. I took them last night when I was sewing - did I mention my sewing 'studio' is in the basement? I think I'll have to work on my lighting before I snap some more 'action' shots.
Oh, and here's a giveaway on the Farm Chicks Site. They are giving away 2 yards (yes, 2 yards...yay!) of the new Prairie Dust Fabric. I love a give-away (although I still haven't won anything (other than of course, getting selected to join Rachel's Bee Inspired Quilt Bee - thanks again Rachel, I'm loving it)) so go check it out! I love the aqua fabric. Good Luck
Happy Friday!