Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Works in Progress...

First, a DQS6 update. My little quilt is basted and ready for quilting. I am letting it sit a few days before I get the courage for that. I'm thinking maybe some swirls. I've never done swirls before but I think that it will really give the quilt some movement. Or maybe just loops. I want it to give the impression that the butterflies are flying...

Next, here is my first purple block for Section 5 of Jane's Rainbow Swap. I am well on my way to finishing up the other 8 blocks so hopefully they will be in the mail before Easter. And finally, it seems like I'm not actually getting anything finished these days...so I am so happy that Jacquie has started the Spring to Finish project. I am hoping to get the following things finished this spring:
  • Stacked Coin Pink Baby Quilt - finish stippling & bind
  • Wonky Log Cabins - make back, quilt & bind
  • Wedding quilt for my sister - backing, quilt & bind (I'm using a quilt top that I made almost 4 years ago, it is big, scrappy and I think it will be beautiful)

Hopefully Jacquie's project will give me the inspiration I need to actually finish a few things. And maybe then I can start two new projects that I've been collecting fabric for: a Amy Butler quilt for me and a Heather Ross quilt for my friend Jess!