Saturday, May 15, 2010

Behind the Seams...

I was asked to show the back of my teeny tiny squares block. Let me tell you, I was very tempted to fix it up before I showed it, but I decided that I'd take a chance and show the real me. Here she is:

And here she is up close!

And I wanted to tell you all that I am literally kicking myself. Last weekend, on Mother's Day, I might add, my husband dragged me to the Gun Show in this new town of ours. Marriage is about compromise, right? He's been to a few Quilt Shows too....Anyway, as I was trudging around, a woman came up to me and said, "I love your bag! Is that Amy Butler fabric?" I was so surprised that someone at a Gun Show appreciated Amy Butler that I just said, "Thank you" then ran after my kids who were running around the entire arena. Now, I'm kicking myself. She was young. And she appreciated Amy Butler. And she was at a Gun Show on Mother's Day. Wouldn't she have been a great friend? Or at least a great sewing/fabric contact? Arghh. So now I'm kicking myself, and hoping I'll run into her again!

Happy Sewing!


Cheri C. said...

Oh, Thank You!! I appreciate this. The first quilt I did without any help or classes, I did so badly. I didn't know it was good to alternate between seams - go one direction and then go the other on the next line. So, once someone told me, I've tried doing this. However, I sometimes can't figure out small things. So, THANK YOU for doing this. I wish I could see the back of a lot of quilts. It helps me. I'm sure some could care less but this really helped me!!