Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Back!

Whew - it has been a long couple of weeks. I've never actually moved before - other than carting a few boxes of books and my computer back and forth to university. And I'm not convinced I'll do it again. Well, not anytime soon, anyway. But we are somewhat set up in our new house, and we love it!

I even have a special sewing studio (I read in a book once that it should be called a studio rather than a room, and I'm going with it. It makes me feel like an artiste!) It is the formal living room in our new place and since we aren't formal kind of people it is perfect for my sewing. It gets beautiful morning light and it is right off the main living area. I just have some organization to do and I'll be set. Okay, a ton of organizing.

Just before we moved, I was thrilled to win an amazing give-away from the Modify Tradition blog. If you haven't checked it out, hop over there asap. Beautiful tutorials and a wonderful mix of old and new. I'm so sad to see that they are having a Mini Quilt Swap. I can't believe I missed the sign-ups. I'm blaming Telus! (that's my Internet provider for my non-Canadian friends). Here is the gorgeous bag that I won. Isn't it beautiful? And it came with great goodies too!
And finally, here is the block that I made for Quiltin' Kyra for Stash Busting International. The squares are 1.5" unfinished so they finish up at just 1". I love this block and I think the quilt will be amazing.
 Happy Sewing.


Cheri C. said...

I love that block. I'm a beginning quilter and would love to see the back and just how you pressed the seams. Would that be possible?

Anonymous said...

Oh .... I'm going to call mine a studio now too :)

Nanette Merrill said...

Good for you. Everything looks wonderful.

jacquie said...

and you are an artiste!!

XUE said...

The block with the 1.5 inch squares is so pretty! And you sure have a really big studio!