Wednesday, January 14, 2009

1st Post!

Hello and Welcome to my brand-new blog: Quilting Barbie. I know that I am seriously late to the blogging world, but hey, isn't it cool to be fashionably late? I'm not always fashionable, but I am often late.... The reason I started this blog is because I have been so inspired by the blogs I have been reading lately. The quilts are beautiful and they are also modern and bright and not traditional. I LOVE them! I have been looking for a way to make my quilts more modern and I was having a very difficult time until I stumbled across the blogging world. So I thought I might as well join in... See more about my transition from traditional quilting to more modern quilting in future posts.

A little bit about me. I am mom to two wonderful kids - a 2.5 year old and an 8 month old. I don't get tons of time to sew, but I love to be creative (and productive) when they are sleeping. I live in a very small town without a quilt shop. I learned to quilt about 5 years ago when I took a course in the closest city to my town.

Why Quilting Barbie? Why not, I guess. Barbie has been my nickname since I was a little girl and it just seemed to fit. And besides, I love the image of "Barbie" sewing away until the wee hours in full make-up and heels. But realistically, this Barbie is more often seen in yoga pants and a pony-tail!

Thanks for reading.