Monday, January 19, 2009

Tale of Two Baby Quilts: Part 2 Dinosaur Shoes

If my sister-in-law has a baby boy (and I am rooting for his name to be Jean-Phillipe because it would be perfect with their french last name...probably won't happen though...darn) this is the quilt that I will give him. I named it Dinosaur Shoes because of the two prints in the quilt. Obviously Dinosaurs and Shoes.
My husband bought me a fat-quarter pack a while back of the Dinosaurs, Shoes, Black Dots and Stripes. My husband LOVES bright fabric and quilts so I seem to make a lot of those. Anyway, for this one, I used the pattern from Fons & Potter's Easy Quilts. And it was easy! But I also think that it is very effective with the black and yellow.

I put flannel on the back because I love the soft texture for baby quilts and I put a strip of scraps just to break it up. I am loving pieced backs!
I used a great variegated thread of bright colours for the quilting and it was so much fun - especially on the black. I can't wait to make another bright quilt so I can use the thread again.